Smart Virtual Sensors for the Industry 4.0.
Discover new opportunities from your existing data streams.
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Stay competitive
in the new data-driven digital world

Hire an AI operator to achieve enhanced operational performance.

Data streams come from multiple sensors

Sensors measure different physical or chemical parameters to estimate the condition of your system. But physical sensors sometimes reach their limits. They either can’t measure some quantities directly or are prone to failure and drift. In these condititions, plant operators must timely react to the upcoming real-time measurements and control the process.

Free your plant operators from manual data analysis

that can lead to unplanned shutdowns, inefficient production and high costs. With our virtual sensors your plant operators can understand complex dependencies between the process parameters and predict the future impact of control actions.

Our virtual sensors automatically monitor multiple production variables

compare the current performance with the desired or optimal results and help operators to prevent production or quality issues before they happen.

Stay ahead of the curve

LIENDA is the result of more than 2 years of R&D in the fields of AI modeling of continuous processes and optimal control. Our virtual sensors help to handle situations too complex for a human operator thanks to LIENDA's ability to understand not only linear relationships but also nonlinear dynamics between hundreds of parameters.

Get connected

Connect to real-time data streams: OPC, MES, PLC etc or upload historical data.

Get Insighted

Instantly visualize physical sensors failure or drifts. Predict the target production parameters up to 5 hours ahead.

Get Optimized

Optimize your target production indicators and get recommendations how to achieve them.

How does it work?

LIENDA's Benefits

Embrace the power of “connection” among products, equipment and operators

Energy efficiency

3-10% increase in energy efficiency


1-5% increase in productivity

Reducing losses

10% reducing the transient time between the regimes leading to 1-5% losses reduction


Improving product quality and safety of operation

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